Boosting Business Resilience: The Impact of Board Rooms on Data Security

Efficiency, cost savings and employee satisfaction are high on the agenda for today’s business leaders. The Boardroom software offers a compelling solution to all three challenges, along with a number of other powerful business benefits.

How to collaborate online with the secure Board Rooms?

If you, as an owner or director, want your company to be competitive, or you, as an employee, want to increase your competence and earn more (or have more time for self-development), then you need to save your time and money with the help of Board Room management right now! In the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, the use of such software will help you organize remote work and protect the team from the spread of infection.

More and more companies are choosing to collaborate online. While meetings used to be held in stuffy boardrooms, technology now allows companies to hold web conferences and meetings anywhere their employees are. This is especially useful for remote or distributed teams that may not always be able to work in the same space.

The BoardRooms create a secure business communication system, as well as the following:

  • a convenient and safe channel of communication with counterparties;
  • saving and convenient search of electronic documents;
  • setting the rights of external communications for employees;
  • communication events contain data on the participation of even former employees;
  • mass transfer of documents between positions, opening and closing of access.

Despite the fact that confidentiality is synonymous with secrecy, the term is widely used exclusively to refer to information resources with limited access that are not classified as state secrets. Confidentiality of the Board Meeting reflects the restriction imposed by the owner of the information on access to it by other persons; that is, the owner establishes the legal regime of this information in accordance with the law.

What is the impact of Board Rooms on data security?

The Boardroom security is provided with the help of automated information systems and legally significant record keeping from the creation of most documents in electronic form to their destruction or transfer to archival storage, in particular electronic ones. The accounting of confidential documents not only ensures the preservation of documents and to organize reference and informational and control work on them but also to conduct periodic and non-periodic checks of the availability of documents.

The impact of Board rooms on data security lies in the following features:

  • Preparing and managing the meeting and agenda.
  • Create a meeting structure with agenda items.
  • Assigning media content to a meeting and/or agenda.

The purpose of checking the availability of confidential documents and visit iDeals Board is to establish the actual compliance of the existing documents with the entries in the accounting forms, their preservation, integrity and completeness. Such checks encourage executors to carefully observe the rules of working with documents and take care of their physical preservation.

The Board Room allows you to create a sensitive data pattern search rule. According to this rule, any users are prohibited from uploading data with digital fingerprints that match the above, and when prohibited data is detected, relevant events (incident records) and shadow copies must be recorded in the logs of the centralized archive, in addition to the actual execution of the prohibited action loading data