Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room – Secure, Private, and Simpler

2019 was the year of loss for companies, as that’s when the largest number of data breaches occurred. Data is the most valuable asset for both companies and hackers, but its theft can mean the loss of customers, trust, funds, and ultimately, bankruptcy. Security is an important driver of business growth, but how do you ensure it? Virtual data rooms have become one of the most secure and efficient solutions for storing, sharing data, and conducting online transactions. In this article, you’ll learn about the top security features of VDRs.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is a digital replacement for traditional physical storage for sensitive business data. VDRs offer all the essential capabilities that today’s businesses can demand. They are flexible, easy to use, and most importantly, secure. Data rooms offer deal-making tools, due diligence, business collaboration, and data management. In addition, they are licensed solutions that are internationally proven reliable.

How secure is VDR?

Data Room is considered one of the most secure solutions available today. A good indicator of a provider would be to be certified by ISO, the largest developer of international standards. The main aspects of security that Data Room covers are:

    • Information security – virtual data rooms have a level of protection comparable to that of a bank security system, it provides not only against external or internal threats of data leakage, but it also backs you up in case of system failures, or natural disasters
    • Secure file sharing-The VDR space is centralized and easily accessible. It ensures secure data transfers because the administrator can effectively control file access through a centralized dashboard
    • Secure collaboration – VDR enhances collaboration as files in the space are accessible at all times, and space administrators can monitor user activities within the room, providing transparency

What are the features of VDR that make it secure?

The major security features that make it secure include:

    • Modern encryption methods -The encryption encrypts data while it is being moved so that no one can intercept and steal it. Also, the document encrypts data at rest
    • Document permissions and restriction settings – Detailed permissions features allow you to disable document interaction functions such as copying, printing, uploading, forwarding, and editing the document. Some providers also offer a partial view feature, where the user can only access a certain part of the document. Thus, space administrators can regulate other users’ access based on their responsibilities
    • A digital watermark is a so-called embedded marker that can be put on any document, even a media file, to protect the copyright of the data owner. Digital marks come in two types: visible and invisible. This feature allows you to track what was done to the document, which is also additional protection against data leakage
    • Two-factor authentication is a login protection function that requires user login and password and a one-time code that can come to your phone number or email. Thus, you significantly reduce the possibility that an intruder has logged in to VDR from another user’s account
    • Check the IP address – so you can check from which IP address and location the login were made. This feature allows you to see where and when other users log in to VDR spaces and catch atypical and suspicious activity
    • Audit logs -provide analytical data on detailed activity within the data room and documents. Find out what time users log in and out, how much time they spend in the document, and what actions they perform on it